Obesity Management Team

Expert Meeting on Morbid Obesity

 8th – 11th  March 2002

Al Khobar - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Organizing Committee:

Dr. Abdul Hameed Al-Momen (Deputy Chief of Surgical Services)

P.O.Box 30353, Al-Khobar 31952, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Tel.: (03)882 8999

Faculty Surgeon:

A. Prof. Dr.  Karl Miller (International Advisory Board)


Headsurgeon and Chairman of the Surgical Department


A.ö. KH Hallein / Salzburg


Bürgermeisterstr. 48, A-4500 Hallein / Salzburg  


Tel: +43-6245-799-360 , E-mail: Karl.Miller@KH-Hallein.at  


Internet: www.Miller.co.at